Our mission is to be one of the most successful investment partnerships in the world.

TBG Holdings is a growth-oriented private equity firm that works primarily with small private and public companies that want to grow, either organically, or through mergers and acquisitions. TBG invests in niche, technology driven businesses in high value industries such as healthcare, life sciences and industrial technologies.

In sectors around the United States, we analyze markets with focus and discipline and employ a range of strategies to uncover and capture new opportunities. Our world-class team has the driving philosophy to understand all the financial details of a portfolio business as well as the sectors we invest and deploy assets.

TBG continuously refines our mission though a culture of excellence: continuing operational improvement, continuous learning, rewarding result and winning with integrity.


Who We Are

TBG and our affiliate company R3 Accounting provide opportunities for investors to invest in niche small to mid-size growth stage companies in technology driven business such as life sciences, energy transition, specialty materials and transportation logistics.

What We Provide

TBG provides promising companies with an investment either in equity, debt or assistance with compliance filings and financial restructuring.

TBG Benefits

TBG makes Investments in innovators and companies soon to be market leaders in their industries. We place a tremendous amount of trust in our management team executing on our investments to achieve breakout initiatives for our investors.


Breakout-First Investing

TBG's unique partnership with R3 Accounting allows for a clear and specialized knowledge in both the needs and concerns of private and public companies.

TBG has market expertise in all areas important to companies that are considering a public offering.

Many businesses find that they do not have internal capabilities to understand and follow the myriad of rules, regulations, interpretations and bulletins published by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with on-going changes.

With TBG’s partnership with R3, TBG is able to have an in-house team that is able to assist with any items needed in the accounting area.

R3 Accounting has the accounting experience and resources in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning alternatives, budgeting, forecasting, and modeling
  • Financial and accounting processes
  • Internal control, testing, documentation, and reporting for actionable improvements
  • Preparations for audits either financial, operational, or governmental
    • Include financial statements
    • Detailed description of business plan
    • Information regarding capital structure
  • US Securities and Exchange (SEC) filings and compliance
    • Quarterly Reports
    • 10K Annual Reports
    • S-1 Form
  • Raising capital markets either public or private as well as bank debentures
  • Assistance with acquisitions and mergers
    • Due diligence
    • Financial and tax modeling – valuation
    • Post-acquisition planning, integration and evaluation

R3 Accounting onsite allows for our investors access to our financials with complete transparency. Further contact information regarding R3 can be found in the contact section.

R3 Accounting, LLC


Our Goal is to create value by identifying startup companies that we believe will make tomorrow's headlines and develop into innovators and market leaders.

We are not looking for short-term percentage gains and instead are looking for a long-term multiple of our timely principal investment. With our internal culture of transparency and analytical rigor we are constantly exploring actionable insights to increase investment results.

As managers and partners in these investments we seek to empower the management teams to achieve outsized returns by encouraging a wide range and view thought process that expands the possibilities that lead to greater growth and value.


Current Companies

MediXall Group

  • TBG started this company to take advantage of the Healthcare Industry by growing a network of healthcare technology & service companies that we could sell into
  • White paper was sold on the idea of, the Priceline of Healthcare acquired the company
  • Started developing products
  • Built infrastructure and management team
  • Took pubic through Rever Public Offer (RPO)
  • Raised $6 million to date

Continental Rail

  • Partnered with Management Team to acquire ShortLine Railroads and rail related Transportation businesses.
  • Company was taken public with a reverse public company.
  • Company Partnered again with a large institutional investor for future growth.
  • Company has grown and is profitable and continues to look for opportunities.

Egg Health Hub

  • When TBG entered the healthcare arena we saw that there was a need to introduce new services, products and technology to the consumers
  • Teamed up with highly accredited real estate development firm and architectural firm
  • Raised initial funds
  • Due to COVID-19, which is still in process, restricting the company to utilize and take advantage of the healthcare market


Neil Swartz, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Leads the company’s overall strategy, investments and operations.

  • Expertise: Entrepreneurial and capital recruitment, financing, deal structuring, exit strategy assignment, sales, marketing and operations
  • Executive Management Positions Held: Chairman, CEO, Founder,President, Director
  • Education: CPA, Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Accountancy

Timothy Hart, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Leads the company’s finance and compliance.

  • Expertise: Financing, accounting, auditing, SEC and other regulatory matters, mergers and acquisitions, deal structuring, business development
  • Executive Management Positions Held: CEO, CFO, Founder and Director
  • Education: CPA, Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Economics and Business Administration from Thomas More College.


A Foundational Investment in our Shared Future.

At TBG we seek to invest in companies that are meaningful to the world and create a better future. We utilize investment thesis founded in identifying companies whose products and services make large impacts for the greater good.

TBG believes that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can fuel returns when proactively fostered and can be consequential if ignored. Our team evaluates and monitors ESG performance of all the companies we invest in, knowing that this can contribute to the success of our investment thesis.

Principles + Implementation


Our ESG philosophy is embedded within our team culture. TBG has an established ESG policy that governs the ESG practices of our firm and provides our entire team with a framework for evaluating ESG risks and opportunities.

ESG in Investments

We are committed to investing in companies offering solutions that are relevant to the future needs of our society, including in sustainability, climate change, health and safety, and lifesaving technologies.


We invest in exceptional colleagues

We all know our people drive our success.

We bring together the smartest minds across finance, engineering and more. Committed and determined to apply our analytical rigor to unique perspectives, to deliver results that shape our investments and define careers.

Our Culture

A great team will always achieve more.

At TBG we embrace ideas and forward thinking to seize opportunities that others do not see.

Our relentless focus on innovation and change raises the bar for what is possible. That is as true for the markets as it for one’s career. Our competitive nature and collective intellect, skill and ambition allow us to achieve more together than we could do on our own.

Empowering our team by our Values


We do things with transparency and the right way, without compromise. We are direct, decisive, and accountable. We practice honesty, common sense in all our actions that conform to the letter and spirit of the law. We win with merit and integrity and respect.


We are here to win. We constantly work to improve and are committed to outworking and outperforming our competitors. We take on projects that others ignore and deem difficult and or impossible to solve. Therefore, we hire the top talent to achieve this goal.


We reward and empower teammates that deliver results. We create opportunities by making career and compensation decisions based on the merits. With the full knowledge that attracts and retains the best and smartest talent.

Extraordinary Talent

We look to hire and retain extraordinary people. We demand a culture of mutual respect and collaboration, with the goal to inspire and share in the company’s success. We understand that we achieve more a team than we ever could as an individual.

Our Commitment to diversity and Inclusion

Since the founding of our company, we have thrived by empowering our people in an environment of meritocracy and engagement. We believe that diversity and a fluid exchange of ideas and thoughts from all backgrounds make the company and our performance stronger. We are committed to attracting and developing the best and brightest from all backgrounds through our recruiting and outreach.

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