Discovering New Opportunities

Have you ever wished you were one of the first investors to put money into Facebook?
Have you ever made an investment in a company that faded into silence after you wrote the check?


TBG Holdings Corp. has positioned itself as the Venture Capital For the Masses™ because the company’s mission is to create early positions in very promising companies for investors who might not otherwise come across these opportunities. TBG Holdings and its sister company, R3 Accounting, thoroughly analyze candidate companies based on a rigorous set of standards developed over decades of experience with both company financial and organizational structuring, as well as government regulatory compliance. Once a company is accepted and acquired by TBG Holdings, only then will TBG offer early position opportunities to its select accredited investors.

TBG reviews, analyzes, and thoroughly vets out attractive companies that have proven business models and operating history, and are looking for the right investment partners to accelerate growth. A few of the very best may become TBG portfolio companies.

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