1. Aren’t some of the portfolio companies too new to be in a position to mitigate risk, thereby making the investment very speculative?
      An investment in TBG Holdings could be considered speculative, as most investments could be. The advantage of being an early stage investor is the realization of early stage growth, which is generally the most dramatic. Investors all want to spot the next Apple, Amazon or WalMart when it is just getting started. TBG helps to mitigate the shareholder’s risk by filtering candidate companies for solid business models and proven operations, thoroughly investigating the inner workings of the financial structure, and helping correct any problems that may be found PRIOR TO presenting the opportunity to investors. TBG Holdings and our partner companies have been engaged in the same practices for more than 10 years, with more than 300 companies successfully served.

  2. It appears that some of the portfolio companies have no assets. Is this correct?
      No, each company must have assets and/or intrinsic market value to be considered – in fact the value of these assets must exceed the value management is placing on the Company. However, if our forensic accounting team determines that any of the assets owned are not healthy, or may be detrimental in any way, those assets will be purged to make a clean space for new growth. We own controlling interests in Train Travel Holdings (TTHX), Continental Rail Corp (CRCX), MMP Worldwide Inc., Turnkey Home Buyers USA Inc., and Monkey Rock USA (MKRO). The asset value of TBG Holdings Corp. portfolio of companies may be considered to be quite stable.

  3. Is it true that insiders are the ones who make all the money when a company goes public?
      Not with TBG Holdings. We know that this sometimes happens, but we invite you to look at any companies we have handled – you will see that not one share belonging to management was registered. So, too, shall it be with TBG’s current and future holdings. Only investor shares will be registered. The shares belonging to management will remain restricted stock. This is done to demonstrate our commitment to the deal and to show we are not in this deal for a quick dollar – but rather to grow the value of the Company and create wealth for everyone involved.

  4. How do I become a TBG Holdings shareholder – I do not see any offerings for the parent company?
      Becoming a shareholder in any of TBG’s portfolio companies makes investors a TBG client, with all of the advantages, reporting, and corporate oversight that this brings. TBG Holdings is focusing its full attention on the growth and expansion of its portfolio companies for the good of those individual companies and their shareholders. All of the TBG portfolio companies are available to each TBG client, but allocation of a shareholder’s investment can now be distributed according to his/her preference. For example, should you be more attracted to real estate industry companies at this time, you may weight your investment toward Turnkey Home Buyers USA. However, if railroads are where you feel you would like to be, CRCX and TTHX continue to offer attractive early stage positions, even as they grow.

  5. Isn’t it true that the only way we can get liquidity is to sell our TBG stock?
      No. That is actually one of the critical aspects of the TBG value proposition. When TBG makes an investment in a company and we spin it off (into a separate entity), all TBG shareholders will receive shares in the new company that can be sold. Also, when TBG sells an asset for cash, the funds received will be distributed proportionately to shareholders. So TBG will actually have 2 ways to create liquidity without ever having to sell your original position.

  6. Every time I invested in Microcap companies, I lost money or nothing happened – Why?
      The Microcap market is a difficult one because many companies are vulnerable to industry fluctuations, have inexperienced management, or lack access to capital. TBG Holdings is run by experienced business veterans with track records in strategy, finance, marketing, sales and operations. Our team brings a unique perspective to running a microcap company and we have the assets and access to capital necessary to weather any difficulties. TBG is operated by individuals who have the will and ability to create true value. All of these factors create a strong opportunity that assures your experience with TBG should be a positive one. We would all love to be a part of the next mega-company phenomenon with Alibaba-style performance, and perhaps we will be fortunate enough to find that diamond-in-the-rough. However, until we do, we will continue to discover, polish and set lesser gems in the crown of our portfolio, for the continued forward movement of shareholders’ value.

  7. How do I know you’re legitimate?
      We invite you to look at our history, our track record, and the people that we have associated with us. We are proud that people of this high caliber are willing to join us and place their faith and good name in our hands. Go to sunbiz.org and see that we are incorporated in Florida and in good standing. Look at our partner companies, such as Tim Hart with R3 Accounting and see that he and his company are licensed in Florida and also in good standing. Better yet, come by the office and meet with us, video-conference with us, or just give us a call. We may be selective with our clients, but it is on behalf of our shareholders.
    TBG also makes a general practice of taking public each of its portfolio companies, where complete transparency is required. Scams that have resulted in people losing money have always been through private investment vehicles like hedge funds, where transparency is not required.

  8. What happens if TBG Holdings does not go public?
      To be clear, our intent is to go public. But should for some reason this not be possible, we would still own sizable stakes in Continental Rail Corp. (CRCX), Train Travel Holdings Inc. (TTHX)(companies already public), MMP Worldwide Inc., Turnkey Home Buyers USA Inc., and other companies that would provide our investors with access to liquidity and an increase in the value of their investment.

  9. What sets TBG Holdings apart from other companies?
      TBG thoroughly dissects and evaluates the inner finances and operations of each company that we consider for our portfolio. We may look at 10 companies and only find one that we think has the foundation, compelling proposition and promise of future growth we are require. Everything we do is verifiable. An investment with a TBG portfolio company – following, of course, your due diligence – calls up every resource we have to protect and grow shareholder value, and stands on its own merit. Our team has decades of experience handling corporate transactions at the volume done by our company.