IRA Consulting Service

IRA Consulting Service is a FREE service provided to TBG Holdings investors and prospective investors. TBG Holdings has entered into an agreement with JM Consultants to help provide answers to questions that investors might have about retirement plan money.

JM Consultants is a national IRA training and consulting company. They are endorsed by several state banking associations to provide IRA training seminars to their memberships. They do in-house customized IRA training for banks, trust companies, or brokers/dealers. They also have up-to-date comprehensive reference material that it provides to its customer base.

Topics that JM Consultants can assist investors with include:

  • How to open a new Traditional or Roth IRA with or without restricted stock.
  • Naming beneficiaries of an IRA and pointing out the difference between having a spouse, non-spouse, or trust as a beneficiary.
  • The importance of understanding the beneficiary death options by the account holder.
  • How to move money from one IRA to another IRA, Transfer vs Rollover, and why to choose one method over the other.
  • How to move money from a qualified plan to an IRA.
  • How to handle conversions: Traditional IRA or a QRP to a Roth IRA and what are the procedures and tax ramifications.
  • Required Minimum Distributions for Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE or QRP and how they are calculated, what is the starting date, and is aggregation of RMDs possible.
  • Income taxes (Federal and State), IRS penalty taxes, custodian fees/penalties.
  • The difference and requirements for SEP-IRA or a SIMPLE-IRA for the self-employed.

Please email your questions to:

Note: Please include as much information regarding your questions and concerns as possible. This will make it easier to give a correct answers since any small change in the facts can cause a different answer. The consultant may call or email your answer.

Disclaimer: JM Consultants has as a part of their mission statement to provide the best service possible. The things you need to know about retirement plans are constantly changing and JM Consultants prides itself on staying current with all rules and regulations. JM Consultants does not provide legal, investment, or tax advice. JM Consultants is able to provide suggestions and interpretations of the IRS IRA rules. It will be up to the investors to consult their personal tax or legal advisor to see how the IRS rule applies personally to the investor.