MediXall Finance Group Inc.

Prompted by the success of the MediXall Provider Network, the company has set up a MediXall Group subsidiary called MediXall Finance Group. The Company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Clearlake Financial Corp. to manage financing transactions, as well as vendor agreements with several brokers. MediXall’s growing lineup of institutional and private lenders has custom-designed financing products to serve four critical needs in the healthcare sector:

1) Medical Procedure Loans for Healthcare Practitioners to offer their patients the option to receive care when they need it, and to make payments over time,
2) Cosmetic and Elective Procedure Loans through Practitioners,
3) Commercial Loans for business expansion, equipment purchases and leases, and
4) Medical Accounts Receivable loans to help practices bridge the gap between the time when service is rendered and payment is received.

MediXall Finance Group’s products are designed to assist practitioners and their patient/clients through each phase of their evolution, from setting up and equipping a state-of-the-art practice, helping patients get the care they need right now, whether medically imperative or elective, and helping practices smooth out the process of maintaining cash flow.