MediXall Group Announces MediXall Patient Experience, a New Patient Engagement Tool

New tool will help providers embrace the continued consumerization of healthcare,placing a greater emphasis on improving the patient experience.

FORT LAUDERDALE (January 30, 2018) – MediXall Group Inc., (OTCQB: MDXL), a technology and innovation-driven organization focused on transforming the patient-provider experience, is pleased to announce that it has launched a limited preview release of its new patient engagement tool called the MediXall Patient Experience. was developed with the intention of making shopping for specific healthcare services as simple and easy as booking a flight and hotel. The online experience was designed to mirror e-commerce and online booking sites found in other markets, with it centered on providing consumers with user reviews, transparent pricing and comparative shopping. With the addition of the MediXall Patient Experience Portal, providers are now able to engage consumers with the level of price transparency and digital convenience that they have come to expect in every other aspect of their lives.

MediXall Patient Experience helps providers embrace the continued consumerization of healthcare, placing a greater emphasis on improving the patient experience. Most studies show that price transparency tools have little effect on patient shopping, in part, because patients rarely use them. From ordering diagnostic tests, recommending treatments and making referrals, providers direct most of our nation’s healthcare spending. Given that providers’ treatment and referral decisions drive a vast majority of healthcare spending, the Company made it a priority to enlist providers as critical partners in facilitating high-value care.

In turn, this led to the development of MediXall Patient Experience to act as a tool for physicians to share the cost and location of upcoming care options, enabling patients to discover locations, pricing, and availability for options of which the doctor was unaware. This system empowers patients to take control of their healthcare by showing options personalized for each self-pay and under-insured patient, how much it will cost, where the patient lives, and more. Gone are the days of unsupported patient searches for the right specialist or lab that accepts their insurance.

Here’s a familiar scenario: A patient goes to a primary care physician for a chronic injury, and the doctor recommends seeing a specialist. The patient receives a slip of paper with a scribbled name of the specialist and assumes responsibility for the referral appointment.

What happens next in the patient referral process isn’t always predictable. The patient might actually visit the specialist. Or, the slip of paper might get buried on the kitchen counter. Perhaps the patient finds the specialist is out of network and skips the appointment. Meanwhile, the office that recommended the specialist has no way to track the referral’s progress.

Converting a referral to a scheduled appointment is a challenging process. Patients don’t follow up, appointments are missed, and staff lose track with many patients dropping out along the way. Based on a 2018 Referral Survey Report, approximately 33 percent of patients do not follow-up with the specialist to whom they are referred.

While 40 percent of patients that follow through with a referral never follow-up with the referring physician after the care is initially provided.

MediXall Patient Experience’s technology turns that situation from a passive process into an active one. The software looks at patient referral components in real time – such as cost, quality or location, depending on the situation — enabling patients to discover and book cheaper & more convenient options of which the doctor was unaware. In addition to helping patients book their initial imaging appointment, the MediXall Patient Experience Portal automatically follows up with patients to confirm and monitor that they have taken next steps, which alleviates this added responsibility for the Primary Care physician’s office staff. With this innovative portal, healthcare providers can decrease patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, streamline referrals, and improve the patient physician relationship by facilitating conversations about cost and value.

“Patients today expect seamless and personalized experiences when it comes to their healthcare, so providers need a platform to engage with these patients in meaningful ways,” said Michael Swartz, President, MediXall. “With the new MediXall Patient Experience Portal, more physicians will be better positioned to adapt to the rise of consumerism that is transforming healthcare.”

MediXall Patient Experience is currently in a limited preview release with select clients. A few spaces are still open; organizations who would like to participate are encouraged to sign up here. General release of MediXall Patient Experience is targeted for late First Quarter, 2019.