We Invest First Before We Recommend It To You

Accredited Investors are bombarded daily by questionable offers that seem way too good to be true – yet their demanding professional careers and family/community/personal commitments make it nearly impossible to distinguish excellent candidates.

TBG does the detective work for you, and we will ONLY present companies in which we have first invested our own funds!

After TBG has invested in the company and provided professional guidance and service we put our future into the deal.

Our future is our existing clients. Over the recent years we have accumulated well over 200 accredited client investors. The success these clients have has a direct effect on our firm’s future.

When we have the company fully ready to roll out and everything is planned only then do we offer our first level of investment to our existing clients. They get the lowest price that we offer anyone and upon the success of the venture they see the greatest return.

For that first level opportunity they must have faith in us to complete the plan. Quite often they must take our word for it that certain objectives will be achieved as presented. This requires a lot of trust that is core to our ability to achieve a good launch for the company.

This trust is based upon their history and knowledge of how we operate. Our communication with them is always available and their questions are always answered. They know we will look out for them as our vital partners in the venture.

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