Who Is On Your Team?

One of the most common reasons young businesses fail to thrive and expand is lack of key people on the management team. A strong, seasoned executive team is required to fill the roles of finance and accounting, legal and compliance, technical, and business administration.

TBG Shareholders know their companies are being guided by strong teams of proven professionals in each of these areas of expertise.

Our Unique Advantage:

R3 Accounting, LLC

So many public small cap companies run into a shortage of capital, which forces them to let their accounting and finances fall behind. R3 accounting works with public and private companies, bringing a sophisticated and efficient approach to structuring their capital, allowing them to take advantage of the existing foundation and continued development. Our comprehensive understanding of the market, trends, and issues positions us as integral members of our client’s team, working collaboratively to achieve their objectives.Our philosophy is, if you know the financial details of the business, you have a better chance of success. With this in mind, TGB Holdings’ sister company, R3 Accounting, offers our clients the business expertise from successful, innovative, and dynamic business & service companies. The combined entity, TBG Holdings, offers a fusion of cognitive thinking, deal structuring, growth strategies, and capital recruitment. READ MORE

Crossroads Capital Finance Group

Obtaining financing can be a challenge. Whether the business is in the early, middle or mature stages, entrepreneurs may be finding it harder to obtain needed capital for growth, despite demonstrated financial performance and substantial assets. Crossroads Capital Finance Group gives companies of all sizes the tools for growth by taking an organic look at each business’ financial situation, business history and risk. Where others may see liability, we see an opportunity to offer our clients an alternative financing that provide much needed capital resources for growth and expansion. Through TBG Holdings portfolio company, Crossroads Capital Finance Group, we are committed to helping businesses obtain capital for immediate cash flow, growth, acquisitions, restructuring, turnarounds and transitioning. READ MORE

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