Why Go Public?

The Advantages of being a Public Company
Growing your business is always a challenge and one of the most important resource required to grow any business is capital. As a public company access to capital becomes easier to obtain while allowing the company to add more value to the bottom line over time. Here are three benefits of going public for both you and your company.

Benefits for You and your Investors

  • Liquidity: Having public stock provides liquidity for you and your investors. As a private company your stock is not as valuable. Your investors also benefit because your company is worth more and you can always diversify improving their position.
  • Trade Stock: Investors will be able to buy, sell and trade your stock bringing a revenue to your shareholders.
  • Employee Benefits: Employees can become partial owners and participate in the company allowing more involvement with your company.

Benefits for Your Company:

  • Access to Capital: A public company provides investors’ confidence which normally translates into the ability to raise more money.
    Mergers and Acquisitions: Your stock may be valued as cash when looking to merge or acquire another company. The current market value of your stock can be viewed as cash value.
  • Attract High Level Executives and Employees: Using the option of offering stock helps to attract better talent allowing your company to grow with stronger management. Stock options can also be used as compensation for employees adding value to their packages.
  • Prestige: The appearance of your company becomes stronger as a public company providing a better identity and public perception.
  • Public Companies Are Worth More: In most case public companies are worth more than private companies and because of the necessary transparency investors,
  • stakeholders and the public put a higher value on your company.

TBG Holdings Corp has three primary objectives:

  • Create strong growth for TBG portfolio companies
  • Grow shareholder base to enhance the strength and stability of the portfolio
  • Provide a Bridge to Liquidity™ for both portfolio companies and shareholders

TBG Holdings’management team has over 30 years of experience building growth oriented portfolios for both shareholders and company owners. TBG’s intended purpose is to provide shareholders with opportunities to become part of the future of promising companies, helping them to obtain the capital they need to achieve their goals and become publicly traded, and benefiting from the early growth phase. Accredited investors may be invited to take pre-market discounted positions. If this is of interest to you, please call 954-440-4678.

TBG’s Underlying Value Concept

TBG Holdings creates value for its shareholders in three different ways; early positions, portfolio company services, and liquidity events. On the open market, investors must simply rely on choosing the right buy and sell points for stocks. As a TBG member, each of your portfolio companies are hand-picked for proven business models, financially restructured and capitalized for growth, and monitored continuously to make sure each stays profitable. When the time comes to exit the investment at a profit, that point will be clearly indicated, and additional opportunities will be pulling us all forward.

TBG Holdings only offers positions in companies in which its own management is already invested. We are pleased to share these opportunities with our select group of accredited investors.

Our team looks to identify companies which have underlying value in the company, which may not be seen in the current state of the company and accordingly, the stock price.

These companies which we feel have substantial underlying value, have “missing ingredients” within the financials of their company that restrict their ability to expand and create value for shareholders. This allows us to provide the expertise and access to capital needed to bridge to gap financially and operationally, so that maximum value can be created.